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This amazing fruit is growing in abundance throughout the Kandyan region and is sourced locally within a 5km radius including our own land which is home to over 75 Jackfruit Trees.


Jackfruit is highly versatile and is becoming a popular alternative to meat. It is also called the Jack of all Fruits due to its richness in minerals, vitamin A protein, fiber and carbohydrates.

Our Jackfruit is available in different forms including dehydrated, flour and a snack. Jackfruit Seed flour is made from the seeds of the Jackfruit which contain a high amount of protein and iron. It has multiple health benefits such as improved digestion and lowering blood sugar levels. It is also 100% gluten free.

The Jackfruit seed flour can be used as a substitute to wheat or rice flour, and can be used to make a variety of foods such as blended bread, cookies, and Asian dishes.

The dehydrated Jackfruit pieces can be cooked and used as a meat substitute or ‘shredded meat’ in tacos, burgers and wraps.

Our Jackfruit Snack is made from the ripe jackfruit which has a sweet and juicy flavour making it ideal for a quick snack. 


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