The Kandyan Forest Garden Collection

The Kandyan Forest Garden Collection


How about the full range of our spices? The 'Kandyan Forest Garden Collection' brings you the chance to have a taste of our whole range of delicious, fresh, ethical spices directly from the Kandyan Forest Gardens. It is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one!


Included: Wild Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 50g & Pieces (50g), Ground Nutmeg 50g, Hand-picked Cloves 25g, Ceylon Whole Black Pepper 100g, Ceylon Mace (10g)


Harvest 2020 & 2021


Price includes shipping within the UK. 

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I am sourced from smallholder farmers from Kandyan Forest Gardens in central Sri Lanka.

I am grown organically using regenerative farming methods.

10% of my price goes to the Forest Healing Foundation to protect the biodiversity of my Forest. 

I provide direct employment to over 15 local villagers.

I ensure that my farmer earns 10-20% above the trading price.

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