Box of Home Essentials

Box of Home Essentials


Are you looking for freshly ground spices?  Why not try our 'Home Essentials' fresh spice combo that is essential to any kitchen! Offering you the opportunity to enjoy our delicious spices whilst you directly impact people's lives for the better... this is a great way to get started as part of the Eko Land Produce family!


Included: Wild Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 50g, Ground Nutmeg 50g, Hand-picked Cloves 25g, Ceylon Whole Black Pepper 100g


Harvest 2020 & 2021


Price includes shipping within the UK. 



I am sourced from smallholder farmers from Kandyan Forest Gardens in central Sri Lanka.

I am organically grown.

10% of my price goes to the Forest Healing Foundation to protect the biodiversity of my Forest. 

I provide direct employment to over 15 local villagers.

I ensure that my farmer earns 10-20% above the trading price.

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