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 The home of fresh, organic and single origin spices from Sri Lanka with a focus on quality, community & biodiversity.

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Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Spices with a difference.

Organic spices sourced from Kandyan Forest Gardens, processed by our local community and exported directly to you. The shorter supply chain ensures financial support to our farmers and protects our incredibly biodiverse forests. 

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We are now shipping Bulk Orders directly to your doorstep thanks to our partnership with DHL.

Minimum order 5kg

our story

The Ellegala family has cared for a pristine area of forest near Digana since 1896. Passed down from generation to generation, the current owner Nihal took over in 1993 and now co-manages the property with his son, Remon.

The lands around here are known as Kandyan Forest Gardens - an ancient agro-forestry practice that creates a diverse mosaic of native trees, fruits and spices. This highly productive landscape grows Pepper, Cloves, Nutmeg, Ceylon Cinnamon, Jackfruit, Coffee, Goraka and many more. It also supports a huge array of wildlife, including 62 species of birds (17 endemics) spotted to date on the family land alone. 


Eko Land Produce came into life in 2020 together with the local community, offering new hope during the COVID pandemic.  By reducing the supply chain, we ensure our farmers are paid a fair price and given the necessary support. With our local community at the heart of our operations, we are proud to offer our very own ethical spices dried and processed by us. 

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