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Wild Cinnamon

 Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon or 'True' Cinnamon is regarded as the highest quality of Cinnamon in the world. It is considered healthier that other types of Cinnamon due to its minimal Coumarin content which can be toxic if consumed in large amounts. 


So what is Wild Ceylon Cinnamon?


'Wild' means that the Cinnamon Trees are allowed to grow wild. The cinnamon is sourced naturally from Kandyan Forest Gardens when 10-100 years old which gives a woody and spicy flavour. This also protects the biodiversity of the area and promotes soil conservation.


We combine the wild cinnamon with younger, organic plantation cinnamon to create a perfect blend that is both sweet and spicy perfect for baking or cooking.


All of our Cinnamon is sourced from smallholder farmers within a 25km radius of our village and is available in pieces, quills and powder freshly milled.



Hand-picked Cloves

Our Cloves are locally sourced from smallholder farmers within a 5 km radius of our location. We are surrounded by Clove trees and the villagers can often be seen picking cloves from our processing centre during the harvest season.


Our Cloves are hand-picked and freshly brought to our processing centre where they are washed and dried. They are then hand-sorted to ensure less than 5% headless cloves.  

Black Pepper

Ceylon Black Pepper

Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Black Pepper is considered one of the best in the world due to its strong flavour thanks to its high piperine content. Our pepper is locally sourced from our 13 acre land and smallholder farmers in the surrounding area, all within a 5km radius.


The green (raw) pepper is harvested, washed, blanched and dried to produce Black Pepper with a density above 575 G/L and moisture content of 10-11% with a piperine content of 7-10% (test results from independent lab available on request)



Nutmeg, like our other spices, is grown and locally sourced from smallholder farmer network within 5km of our location. The Mace, which is the red outer layer, also known as the flower, is dried and often used for cooking and baking. ​

Our Nutmeg is harvested and brought to our processing centre by our farmers for drying. It is available in Whole (with & without shell) and Ground which is freshly milled before shipment.



After years of importing Turmeric from India, Sri Lanka has finally encouraged local farmers to grow their own.


We source all our turmeric from smallholder farmers within a 5km radius. ​ Not only does Sri Lanka have ideal conditions for growing turmeric but due to our incredibly rich soil, contains a high percentage of curcumin (5-6%; test results available on request) which is the main ingredient that has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, making it a very strong antioxidant.

​Once our turmeric has been harvested it is freshly brought to our centre for cleaning, washing, blanching, slicing and drying. The turmeric is then packed and milled shortly before shipment to ensure the freshest Turmeric Powder. ​

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Sri Lankan Ginger Powder


Our Ginger is grown and locally sourced from our smallholder farmers within 5km of our centre. It contains small rhizomes and white fibrous flesh that produces a very strong flavour and aroma compared to other varieties. ​

Once the Ginger has been harvested, processed and dried, it is packed and milled just before shipment to ensure the most pungent ginger powder.

Scotch Bonnet Chili

Scotch Bonnet Pepper

The Scotch Bonnet Pepper (also called Naimiris) is an increasingly popular (hot!!) chilli for curries and Caribbean dishes. It is one of the hottest chillies in the world but its amazing strength is ideal for any spice dish.


Our Chillies are grown on our own 13 acre land and our surrounding farmer network.

They are harvested, dried and freshly milled before shipment ensuring the freshest Chilli Powder & Flakes.

IMG_8339 (1) (1).jpg
IMG-4952 (1).jpg


Our cardamom is grown at a higher elevation on the outskirts of the Knuckles Mountain Range, 40km from us. It requires plenty of rain and shade so it is an ideal crop to protect the biodiversity of this stunning area whilst generating income for the locals.


The two varieties are Vhazukka and Mysore which are hand-picked, carefully dried and hand-sorted according to size, weight and colour.

We also offer the seeds and powder freshly milled.

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