Our Cloves are locally sourced from smallholder farmers within a 5 km radius of our location. We are surrounded by Clove trees and the villagers can often be seen picking cloves from our base of operations. 

All of our Cloves are hand-picked, hand-sorted and dried to a moisture content of 9-11%. This gives a strong aroma and pungency that ensures a premium quality.

Hand-picked Cloves


Ceylon Black Pepper

Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Black Pepper is considered one of the best in the world due to its high piperine content which gives a strong flavour.

Our pepper is locally sourced from our 13 acre land and surrounding area, all within a 5km radius. Our green pepper is harvested and dried to a moisture of 10-11% with a piperine content of 6-8% giving it a superior quality.


Ceylon or 'True' Cinnamon is regarded as the highest quality of cinnamon in the world due to its sweeter and delicate flavour. 

So what is Wild Ceylon Cinnamon? 'Wild' means that the Cinnamon Trees are grown and sourced naturally from Kandyan Forest Gardens instead of plantations. This not only protects the biodiversity but also the richness of the soil. The Cinnamon Trees are allowed to grow among other forest trees and are harvested when the cinnamon is at its most pungent.

It is sourced by smallholder farmers within a 5-10km radius of our village and is available in pieces and powder which is freshly grounded.

 Wild Ceylon Cinnamon


Ceylon Nutmeg

Nutmeg, like our other spices, are grown and locally sourced from smallholder farmers within 5km of our location. The Mace, which is the red outer layer is dried and often used for cooking and baking.

Our Nutmeg is available in Whole and Ground. The husk of the Nutmeg which is often thrown away is used to make a chutney making our Nutmeg ZERO waste.

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Scotch Bonnet Chilli

The Scotch Bonnet Chilli (also called Naimiris) is an increasingly popular chilli for its curries and Caribbean dishes.  It is one of the hottest Chillies in the world but its amazing strength is ideal for any spice dish. 

Our Chillies are grown in our own 13 acre land and the surrounding area within a 10km radius. 

They are harvested, dried and freshly grounded ensuring the freshest Chilli Powder.