Ground Ginger

Ground Ginger


Ginger, like Turmeric, is grown and locally sourced from smallholder farmers within 5-15km of our location.


Our ginger has small rhizomes and white fibrous flesh that produces a very strong flavour and aroma compared to other varieties.  

Once the Ginger has been harvested, processed and dried it packed and milled before shipment to ensure a pungent Ginger Powder.


Shipped directly from Sri Lanka. 

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I am sourced from smallholder farmers from Kandyan Forest Gardens in central Sri Lanka.

I am grown organically using regenerative farming methods.

10% of my price goes to the Forest Healing Foundation to protect the biodiversity of my Forest. 

I provide direct employment to over 15 local villagers.

I ensure that my farmer earns 10-20% above the trading price.

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