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All of our spices are sourced from Kandyan Forest Gardens in central Sri Lanka. An ancient agro-forestry method, this practice has been used for centuries to sustainably grow a whole range of fruits and spices in amongst the native forest trees. It is inherently organic and home to an abundance of wildlife including deer, the endangered toque macaque monkeys and over 60 species of birds.

Unfortunately, these forests are currently facing a great risk of destruction. The financial pressures have forced farmers and landowners to either sell their land or use unsustainable farming methods which are destroying their biodiversity or destroying the forest completely. Together with the Forest Healing Foundation, Eko Land Produce aims to finance for the growing of spice trees and conservation of Forest Gardens by paying 10-20% more than the average trading price and provide farmers with necessary support such as spice trees, equipment and training in sustainable farming.

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Welcome to our online shop - the place for Ethical, Organic and Single Origin Spices sourced directly from our smallholder farmers in central Sri Lanka. 


How about the full range of our spices? The 'Kandyan Forest Garden Collection' brings you the chance to have a taste of our whole range of delicious, fresh, ethical spices directly from the Kandyan Forest Gardens. It is the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one and a great way to become part of the Eko Land Family!