Ground Turmeric 500g

Ground Turmeric 500g


Our Turmeric is grown and sourced in central Sri Lanka from smallholder farmers within a radius of 5-10km. Proportion of curcumin varies between 5-6% due to our fertile soil and weather conditions.

Once our turmeric has been harvested, processed and dried, we pack the dried turmeric and mill before shipment to ensure the freshest Turmeric Powder.


Harvest 2022


Shipped directly from Sri Lanka.



I am sourced from smallholder farmers from Kandyan Forest Gardens in central Sri Lanka.

I am grown organically using regenerative farming methods.

10% of my price goes to the Forest Healing Foundation to protect the biodiversity of my Forest. 

I provide direct employment to over 15 local villagers.

I ensure that my farmer earns 10-20% above the trading price.

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