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Hand-Roasted Coffee Beans

Hand-Roasted Coffee Beans


Our locally produced Coffee is a mixture of Arabica and Robusta beans creating a perfect blend of strength and flavour.


The Robusta beans are sourced from our smallholder farmers within a 10km radius while the Arabica Beans are sourced directly from farmers further into the highlands, grown at an elevation of over 1000m. Both variations are processed, hand-sorted and hand-roasted by our village women giving your coffee a personalised flavour. ​

Our  freshly roasted coffee is available in the form of roasted Beans, Ground and Fine Ground in Dark Roast. 

Green Robusta Beans are available for export.

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    All products are freshly milled and shipped to you within 7-10 days of placing the order.


    We accept returns within 14 days of delivery. Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost. 


    Prices do not include shipping and VAT.


    All products are packed in Kraft bags and Poly bags when necessary.


    Once opened we recommend storing in air tight containers away from direct sunlight to keep them as fresh as possible and consume within 12 months of purchase.

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